Monday, November 27, 2006

Now it's time...

To say Good-Bye...I am officially signing off of Blogland. With a new job starting, the craziness of the coming months, and my desire to invest time elsewhere, I will no longer be posting.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Book Review

Our book club chose the book, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon, as its latest read. The Boston Globe heralds the book as "Gloriously eccentric and wonderfully intelligent." And I have to agree. This short (and easy) read was written from the perspective of a young boy named Christopher who has autism. His quirks make him endearing. For instance, if he sees 5 red cars on the way to school it will surely be a Super Good Day. But, if he sees 3 yellow cars in a row then it will surely be a Black Day. All this for no reason other than Red is his favorite and he can't stand Yellow.

After Christopher overcomes serious obstacles to take his advanced Math exam, he reflects on his journeys and realizes he is able to look to his future with hope: "And I know I can do this [become a scientist] because I went to London on my own, and because I solved the mystery of WHO KILLED WELLINGTON? and I found my mother and I was brave and I wrote a book and that means I can do anything." (For those of you who teach special ed, can't you just HEAR a child with autism talking like this? A mark of a good writer-taking on the perspective of a very different character than his own)

All of you non-special educators will enjoy peering into the life of someone with a disability; learning to fight for his cause; and cheering him on through his daily struggles and triumphs in a world viewed through severely different lenses...all of you teachers/special educators...well, laugh at the accuracy of the stories and plights of Christopher [insert names of your students here].

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Letter of Resignation

First, let me say that today's message at church was incredibly timely. I was reminded that I am called and commanded to honor my boss until the very end of my journey at Kennedy. When and if she decides to strike low blows and fight an unfair fight, I am called to respond in love, honor, and obedience. I am NOT called to slander her or discuss my private issues with all of my co-workers.

With that said, on to the story of my resignation....

My letter was short and to the point. "After four years of service, it is time to resign from my position, yada yada..." When I walked into my boss' office, I was not quite prepared to initiate the conversation. Instead of telling her why I was there, I put my letter on her desk and then teared up. Her exact words were, "OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THIS??!" I calmly and rationally began to explain that I was giving my two weeks' notice and would not be finishing the school year at Lois T. Murray.

She was speechless and then began to calmly, yet decisively, make statements which were intended to inflict guilt, hurt, and remorse for my decision. Funny, because each accusation she made was true. I had thought through every single angle she threw at me. My decision was not made lightly, and I knew what her words and thoughts would be. I had a co-worker, also a member at my church, quit last year. When he quit, hurtful and untrue comments were made about him. I walked into her office, knowing that my character and ethics would be under attack.

God graciously armed me--through scripture and the prayers of dear friends and co-workers--to walk in faith and not in fear. Sure, I was scared to death, but my biggest comfort came in the knowledge of the fact that God had and will continue to, give me a spirit of power, love, and a sound-mind.

Last Thursday, I did one of the hardest things I have ever done, and pray will ever do (not likely!). I resigned from a job that I love immensely and will dearly miss. I resigned from a job in which I am terrified of my boss in situations like this. I resigned from a job in which fear was the main factor holding me there. I resigned from a job that God has used to build my faith and to reveal His goodness and greatness to me. And as I continue to look forward, I realize that God is giving me the opportunity to honor, respect, and obey a new boss--who may question my character, or even make statements about me or to me that are untrue and hurtful. Yet I know that God is my vindicator. He is going before me and will protect my reputation as one of His dear children.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Confusion and the practical grace of God

The past seven weeks have been confusing, to say the least. I went on a job interview roughly seven weeks ago at Southern Middle School, which is only five minutes from my house. Initially, I was excited about the possibilities of changing jobs, meeting new kids, having a five minute commute every day, getting home early, etc. Then, as time wore on, I began to lose hope that I would ever find a job close to home. I had contact with the principal here and there, but nothing concrete. One moment, I would think the job was mine, then the next, I was sure they had found someone else. The game was getting old.

Last week, God imparted an amazing grace to truly enjoy being at my current job, and gave me an unnatural ability to not worry and truly let go the possibility of a new job. Thursday night at ladies' meeting, I was asked what the latest was on my interview. I replied simply, "I have no eggs in that basket." And that was the honest truth.

This past Monday, however, all of my peace and self-confidence left. I received a call and was offered the job. After seven weeks?! Didn't they realize that I was now happy at my job, despite the commute??? What were the pros and cons of leaving and staying? Honestly, as I began to pray and practically evaluate things, there was no "right" answer. God was calling me to make a decision of faith.

For those of you who don't know me well, I am a woman who lacks great faith. I like decisions to be black and white; right or wrong; good or bad. And the decision to accept a new position was none of those! In a moment of sheer panic, I called my mentor at Johns Hopkins. She is also a Godly woman, whom I have come to love and respect. She asked me two simple questions and read me two Scriptures.

1. Which job will allow you to best serve your family now and in the future? (PA, duh)
2. Will this job be available next fall? (Not a chance)
3. Has God called you to fear? (NO)

Ok, so she asked me three questions. Then she recited two scriptures to me:

Phil. 3:13-14 "But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."

2 Tim. 1:7 "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."

She strongly encouraged me to make my decision and not look back once I had. She also reminded me that God has given me power--power to take a step of faith, and power to combat the fear that filled my heart.

Then she left me with this, "Call me once you get your feet wet!" Isn't God good to encourage us exactly how we need it and at just the perfect time?

God filled my heart with immediate peace about my decision. I called the principal at Southern Wednesday evening and accepted the job. Then I marched myself into my boss' office Thursday morning, resignation letter in hand. (That will be the topic of my next blog, to be sure).

As I was driving in York today, I realized that my world is about to shrink. I now have only one reason to regularly leave PA--to attend church. But I am excited to be planting more roots near my home, and can't wait to see what lies ahead!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Easy (and quick) apple dip

Tonight, I went to a party hosted by one of the women in my new neighborhood. Last week she walked around to each of the new homes and invited us to her house for a get together. She said not to bring anything, but I always feel somewhat naked if I arrive empty handed. So I decided to make something "apple," spur of the moment. I thought about cutting up apples and bringing along peanut butter...corny. Then I thought about making caramel dip, but I didn't have anything to make it with. So I rushed up to the computer and searched for an easy apple dip recipe. The following recipe popped up, and I happened to have all of the ingredients.

1 Cup peanut butter (I used natural)
1 Cup brown sugar (I used Brown sugar Splenda)
8 oz. cream cheese (low fat or fat free)
1/4 Cup milk (skim)

Whisk it all together and serve chilled! Awesome with Granny Smith's.

I must say, the last minute addition to the party was a hit. Everyone asked how it was made and by the end of the evening, it had been devoured. So, if you happen to come to my house in the next few weeks, chances are, you'll be served this apple dip!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

apple picking

"oh, I feel a little Anne of Green Gables-ish." "If I jump, I can maybe reach that really BIG one? Sacha, you're tall, you get it!" "Can I fill my basket super high and still pay for the half bushel?" All quotes from my day today. Doing what you might ask?? Why, apple picking, of course!

I must admit, I'd never been, until today. I joined four of my wonderful friends for an afternoon of apple picking at Maple Lawn Farms and then an evening of pie making. I haven't had that much fun in a while! Sacha and I picked side-by-side until our baskets ran over, literally. Then we got rid of some of our Granny Smiths so that we could add Romes. Which we thought were mushy, but ended up being super crisp and not-too-tart. I ate more than I put in my basket and still had room for more! When our baskets were too full to add another apple, we adventured back to Em's house for an evening of dessert making--tarts, crisps and lots of pies! Kris and I were given the task of coring, peeling and slicing 6 pounds of apples for a pie that we wouldn't even get to eat (or taste!)! But away we went. My mantra for the evening was "if it tastes bad, Kris did it. If it tastes good, well then, of course, I did it!"

I have a half bushel of apples and don't want them to go to waste. What should I make with them? What good apple recipes do you have? Please post! Or send them to me via e-mail! I'd hate for my Granny Smiths, Romes, Fujis, and Staymens to all go bad just because I ran out of apple recipes =)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Practical application?!

On Wednesday night, I attended our church's ladies' meeting. We broke down into small sessions, and I attended Marilyn's on simplifying your life. I absolutely LOVE being organized--mainly throwing things away, decluttering and rearranging. I determined to head home after the meeting to empty out my kitchen over the weekend. Emily Connell wondered just how much kitchen stuff I could accumulate in a year and a half. A LOT, I told her! I love dishes, they are my obsession! Clothes, shoes, nah. Dishes get me every time. I have my eye on a new set that would look fabulous in my kitchen. But alas, Miguel has put his foot down. Four sets of dishes is enough for a newly married and childless woman!

Ok, back to my topic--decluttering and organizing. I set to work this morning with a mission--throw away anything I don't use and haven't used for at least one season. Going through my clothes was easy. I Goodwilled a large bag and box full of sweaters and pants. Some of the sweaters were from high school and some were hole ridden. Each one I put in the bag, Miguel questioned. "Can't you still wear that?!" "Don't ask me to buy you a new one!" "What's wrong with that one??" I simply reminded him that 6 years ago was the 90's and fashion has drastically changed...not to mention most of the items were way too big and oh so slightly worn.

On to the kitchen. I was going to have great fun. I started with some simple organizing and then moved on to throwing things favorite! I pulled out a griddle pan that I've used once. Goodwill item, for sure. Or so I thought. Miguel quickly ixnayed my idea and told me to put it back where I found it. It could be useful, he said. We love grilled cheese, remember?? Yes, dear, but I use a regular pan for that...Well, you'll think of some use for it! I know, I can beat you with it when I get mad! ha, that would work. So back into the drawer it went. The bottle opener. Can't throw that out either, our other one might break?!! Who thinks like that????? =) Obviously my husband! Back into the drawer it went.

I gave up. And resorted to making chocolate chip cookies. Oh well. Perhaps I should give up decluttering and work on waking up a half hour earlier to spend time in the Word!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Why I love living in New Freedom

1. The closest traffic light is a little over seven minutes away.
2. You don't have to take a drive into the "country" to see the beautiful foliage because you're already there.
3. A tasty Italian meal at the local Ma and Pa restaurant costs less than $9.00, and that's with a side salad and enough left overs for at least one more meal.
4. Our local bagel shop has FOUR different sugar-free syrup flavors for my lattes. Versus the TWO that Starbuck's has.

Why I REALLY LOVE Shrewsbury

1. A trip to Wal-Mart means I can get my oil changed, drop off my prescriptions, buy the toiletries I've been desperately needing, AND get my grocery shopping accomplished. All while laughing at the plethora of red necks who frequent Super Wal-Mart because it is the one and only place to be!


2. Fashion Bug is still in existence, and widely shopped by those very same red necks.

Why do you love your neighborhood and surrounding areas?!

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Ok, ok, so I only "discovered" this product like Columbus "discovered" the New World! The Magic Eraser is my new found love. I bought one today in hopes of cleaning the disaster known as my kitchen sink. We have gorgeous corian countertops and double sinks. The sinks are white. Well should be. Were....before we moved in. I had resigned myself to the fact that a slightly brown-ish tint was ok and irreversible. No longer, my friends, no longer! My sinks are now, thanks to the Magic Eraser, a sparkling white. Yay Magic Eraser.

So I am curious, what household cleaning products are you simply unable to live without?

Friday, October 06, 2006


In high school and college I used to love these surveys! I tag Sacha, Melodye and Amanda.

FIRST NAME: Elizabeth
YOUR FAVORITE LUNCHMEAT? Turkey Ham or rare roast beef
DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? Yes, I love to journal but haven't done much lately
YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? All time fav? Cracklin' Oat Bran. Flav of the month? Grape Nuts with splenda
YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR? Chubby Hubby or Moose Tracks
SHOE SIZE? 8.5. My feet have shrunk 1.5 sizes since high school?!
RED OR PINK? Pink. There is a shade that will look good on EVERYONE!
YOUR LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? my back fat and stretch marks that make me look like I've already had a kid (thank you to someone for pointing that out to me, ha!) Don't ask to see them!
WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? pants-comfy, slightly too big jeans. Shoes, Rocket Dogs,yeah! Brown with little sequins. Very cute.
FAVORITE SMELL? Aqua de Gio (men's cologne)
FAVORITE DRINK? Pumpkin spice latte or a Miami Vice (half strawberry daquiri, half pina colada!)
HAT SIZE? Adjustable
FAVORITE FOOD? definitely italian with mexican a close second
SUMMER OR WINTER? Summer-beach baby all the way
FAVORITE SOUNDS? silence as I am falling asleep!
WHAT’S YOUR SPECIAL TALENT? Hanging a spoon from my nose, oooh ahhh.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


I love fall. Especially days like today--chilly enough to wear a sweatshirt. I went grocery shopping and picked up a large bag of apples from a local orchard, with the thought of making apple crisp. So, here is my easy, delicious, and healthy apple crisp recipe! It's not fancy, but it is quick and surely serves its purpose.

4 medium apples, sliced (I used a mixture of granny smith and a red tart apple)
3/4 cups packed brown sugar (I used 1/2 cup slenda, 1/4 cup brown sugar)
1/2 cup flour (I used wheat)
1/2 cup oats
1/3 cup butter, softened, NOT melted(I used Smart Balance)
3/4 teaspoon each Nutmeg and Cinnamon (I always add a tad more!)

Heat oven to 375. Grease sides and bottom of 8x8x2 pan. Place apples in bottom of pan.

Mix remaining ingredients. Pour over apples.

Bake in oven for 30 minutes, or until apples are fork tender and topping is slightly browned. This is excellent served warm with vanilla icecream (no sugar added, of course!!!)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday's moments of comedic relief

1. You know you love junk food too much when this quote comes out of your mouth:

"...and then it started hailing. How big was the hail? The size of a peanut M&M. I am not kidding." (not, the size of a dime...or the size of your, instead, the size of an edible!)

2. At work, we use digital voice output devices for students who are unable to speak or efficiently communicate their thoughts. The device we use holds 8 pictures and when one is pushed, a preprogrammed message of our choice plays. This week we've been studying nutrition. So we made a healthy snack today--trail mix with low sugar items. Yum. I asked my teaching assistant to program the device before class began with the steps of the recipe. Unbeknownst to me, she had another friend of ours "help" her out. Each button was a step of the recipe read in a rather dramatic fashion, with a flair that only Mr. Eddie could add. The last button was SUPPOSED to say "Now eat your healthy snack." Instead it very clearly said, "Now eat your healthy snack. Libby your fly is down." Next time, I suppose I'll have to test each button before allowing my students to use the device!!!!

What comedic relief have you had over the past few days?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Quirky Restaurant, Great Food

Have you ever recommended a restaurant based solely upon atmosphere? I haven't, and don't plan to start. Seriously, what is great atmosphere without the food to match? So, with the thought of great surroundings and food, I want to make a suggestion. If you have never ventured to the Paper Moon Diner on W. 29th Street in Baltimore, you MUST. The diner is just south of Hopkins. You can't miss it. It is the purple restaurant with a crazy mannequin, bathtub, you name it, out front. The diner is open 24 hours, which to some makes it more convenient, to others, that is simply a fact. Who really wants to head to the city at 3 am for a bite to eat? I said the atmosphere was great. Let me explain. Barbie dolls, random superhero memorabilia, coins, tree limbs, menu covers made out of old book and record covers, mismatched old wooden tables. Everything eclectic you could possible imagine lines the walls, ceilings, floors, counter tops. But, decor aside, the food is a decent bang for your buck. Their breakfast foods are delicious. Their sweet fries are incredible. And their desserts, well, I crave the peanut butter pie just thinking about it. Warning, your server might be tattooed or pierced up, but hey, who isn't these days?!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

fun site...

check out:

It's a fun site that asks a few simple questions and then, have a portrait of "you" by your perfect artist. Here's what the site had to say about me:

***Who Should Paint You: Andy Warhol***

You've got an interested edge that would be reflected in any portrait. You don't need any fancy paint techniques to stand out from the crowd!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Great Recipe Site

My sister in law gave me a great cooking/food magazine entitled "Cooking Light." Immediately, a short article on zucchini caught my eye. I went straight to the website and typed in "zucchini" under the "in season" tab. Up popped several dozen recipes using one of my favorite vegetables. I began to browse other recipes and realized I had stumbled across a healthy eaters' paradise. The site is full of great ideas and delicious sounding recipes. I plan to try the Oven Zucchini Chips this week.

*A helpful thought: The site is intended to be "healthy" yet many of the recipes call for no-fat ingredients. No-fat is often misleading and often means higher sugar, in order to increase the taste value. When buying ingredients for the recipes, make sure the sugar increase is slight compared to the fat decrease. When in doubt, opt for the ingredient with lower sugar.*

Thought I'd pass along the site for all of you health conscious women (and men) who love to cook AND, especially, eat!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I received an e-mail today with the following quote attached:

"It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?" ~Henry David Thoreau

I began to wonder, "what is it that I am busy about?" Is my life filled with service for the kingdom? Are my everyday actions intended to bring God glory? When I feel so overwhelmed and stressed out from the insanity of life, am I busy because I am tending to my Father's work?

In all honesty, I have to answer "no" to each of those questions. My life is busy because I make it so. I fill my time, too often, with vain pursuits and selfish ambitions. I do not actively pursue the kingdom and activities that Christ may have for me on a daily basis. Right now, I am busy about work. Three days back and I am already consumed with the tasks before me. Christ has taken a back seat to my pursuits and my daily challenges. How utterly selfish and self-focused.

"Lord, make me busy, not like the ant--going about his own work-but preoccupied with your work. Give me strength to daily seek your plan for my life. Help me to quiet my heart and listen for your voice to speak. "

So, I pose the same question to you: What are you busy about?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The summer's almost over...

and I have yet to:
1. Go to the zoo
2. Go to an O's game
3. Get a snowball from Emmorton Snowballs
What do you still want to do before the summer is over?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Harrisburg or Bust

Ok, so Harrisburg isn't the most exciting city, nor the largest, nor the prettiest, but it does provide ample opportunities for outdoor adventures. Yesterday, Miguel and I celebrated his 25th birthday. He is officially a quarter of a century old! Wow. But he's still my baby!

I love to plan for birthdays, especially Miguel's. Though they were never a big deal in the Barowski family, the Turek's celebrated birthdays in style. So I greatly enjoy the sneaky planning aspect, as well as the actual day-of-events. Yesterday was no different. I decided on an "outdoor" theme, since Miguel loves fishing, camping, etc. and it was a gorgeous weekend.

Each step of the day was a surprise to Miguel. Our day started with a visit to the Sovereign Grace Church, Living Hope, in Harrisburg. Our next stop was The Wharf, a great seafood/American restaurant. We sat outside in a gorgeous courtyard. After lunch, he received a gift card to Bass Pro Shop and we headed to Outdoor World-Bass Pro. We spent several hours shopping and browsing. Who knew he could love shopping so much!!! If they only had Gap clothing available in Bass Pro, I'd be set!

After shopping, we headed to Hershey Park for an evening of rides and fun. The Sunset Entrance is available for half-price and you still have enough time to enjoy the park. Without a doubt, the park was the highlight of the day. We were able to spend quality time together talking, laughing, screaming, and talking some more. I realized, again, how much I enjoy Miguel's company and how quickly I forget the good times when things become bogged down by "life."

I love birthdays. What memorable ways have you celebrated your/other birthday?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

fun question

If you could be someone famous, who would you be, and why?

I would be Charlize Theron, because she's gorgeous, has a great sense of style, and seems down to earth. And, I wouldn't have to change my hair color too drastically! =)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Art With a Pulse

For years, I wanted a tattoo. In high school, it was a rose on my ankle. Thank goodness I didn't go through with that. In college, it was probably the "I Love You" in sign language. I thought I'd outgrown the phase. Apparently not! Or at least it had better not be a phase! Because now, as Miguel says, I'll be looking at that thing until I am 80! On Tuesday, I ventured down to Art With a Pulse to get a tattoo. "Does it hurt?" my facial expression must have asked. Will, my tattoo artist, sarcastically explained that it wouldn't hurt ONE BIT. He was right, it really didn't! And it was well worth it all anyway.



Still during

After. Eight "Jesus" fish.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

At Home in PA

I never thought that Pennsylvania (did I spell it right??!) would be home. And it still doesn't quite feel like home. But we've done our best to make it "us" but still have miles to go. Since most of you haven't been up to visit, and you're always welcome to, I thought I'd post some pictures.
269 North Front Street

Second floor sunroom (yet to be furnished, but newly painted)

The kitchen-painted, but needs backsplash

Livingroom, finished, sigh

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Today, Miguel and I had lunch at a restaurant called The Brown Cow. All of the meat is freshly butchered, the milk daily produced, and the ice cream homemade. Yummy! After eating lunch, we received an insiders tour of the 2,100 acre farm. Beautiful. Nick, and employee at the farm and a new friend of ours, drove us around the farm, detailing the daily events of the business. I was amazed to learn that it only takes TWO men to run the entire daily farm. I was also astonished to find out the following:

1. Female cows can be artificially inseminated.
2. Bulls can likewise be forced to donate sperm.
3. It takes over 50 lbs. of milk to make one fresh gallon.
4. If a cow moos, it is not happy.
5. A cow raised for its meat has to weigh between 1,200 and 1,600 pounds before it can be butchered.
6. The same cow gains roughly five pounds a day because they drink 60 gallons of water a day!

Hope you enjoyed the random cow facts as much I did! And if you ever get the opportunity, a meal at The Brown Cow is well worth the beautiful drive to get there. If for no other reason, go for the ice cream!! You'll never want to eat any other brand, not even Ben and Jerry's. I promise!

Friday, August 04, 2006

"it's been a while..."

After two long months, the Barowski's are FINALLY back on-line! I've missed bloggin and will have a new post up before long!

Saturday, May 20, 2006


"I want a new vacuum!" "Stupid thing, won't even pick up a piece of paper!" "'s putting our more dirt than it's picking up!"

All of these cries (more like screams) have come from my mouth, particulary, over the past two weeks. Our vacuum, mysteriously, decided not to pick up lint, dirt, hair, or anything else for that matter. At Christmas time, I had sucked up a plastic icycle, yet could not manage to find it in the vacuum's hose. Not a problem, maybe it just disappeared?!! I completely forgot about the icycle. Then, two weeks ago, the vacuum stopped working. No matter how hard I pushed, pulled, and shoved, my floors just seemed to get dirtier with each swipe.

Today, I had to figure out the mystery. Why wouldn't my vacuum work?! Maybe it was God's way of saying it was time for me to buy that $499.99 Dyson that I've been eyeing up?!!! Or maybe it was just God's way of telling Miguel to take the vacuum apart piece by piece? Both are equally fun options.

As Miguel unscrewed each and every screw in the machine, he began pulling out clumps of lint and hair and dirt and dust and other pieces of mess. Then wouldn't you know it, out came the missing icycle! I guess it didn't simply disappear? But, I must say, the vacuum has never been cleaner and has never worked so well!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Update on Macy

I first want to thank those of you that read the post about Macy and then prayed for her and her family. Last night, her mother decided to donate Macy's organs and remove the life support system. The staff at my school now face the incredibly difficult task of explaining Macy's death in simple and understandable terms. Pray for strength as we all try to deal with and then help the children deal with the death of this little girl.

Macy's death has me thinking about some very intense and difficult theological issues. Where is the place, if you will, of accountability and responsibilty for sins? Did Macy's limited cognitive abilities guarantee her a position as a child of our Father? Or was she cognitively able to understand and place saving faith in Him? Where do my students stand? What is "too cognitively impaired" to be responsible? How do I as a special educator ensure that I am doing all I can to see my children again once I reach glory?

Any thoughts of your own on this issue? Any Bibilical references?

Thursday, May 18, 2006


This week has been a very difficult and emotional one. After hearing about the death of Tim, I arrived at work on Monday to learn that a student of ours was gravely injured over the weekend. Macy is a 14 year old 8th grader with the sweetest countenance and biggest smile. On Sunday, Macy was playing in her backyard with a rope. Her feet slipped from under her and she became twisted in the rope. By the time paramedics reached her, she had been without oxygen for several minutes. She is now at John Hopkins in the ICU under full life-support. We were told that Macy would not be able to return to school this year. Today, we found out that Macy will not make it through the weekend. Her foster mother faces the incredibly difficult decision of removing the life support and providing Macy's organs to needed transplant recipients.

Please pray for Macy's soul. I am not sure what her capability of understanding the Gospel was. Pray for her family, that God would give them grace and peace during this dark season. Pray for our principal, Dr. Canosa. She feels the weight of this loss and bears the burden like no other person at our school. And please pray for Macy's friends at the school. They all want to know why Macy is sick and when she is coming back. Despite their limited cognitive abilities, they will greatly miss their best friend.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Saturdays have always been a special day to me. As a kid it was because I got to stay in my PJs longer and watch cartoons. Now, I love Saturdays because I get to sleep in a little later than 5:30; I get to make oatmeal pancakes and eat them slowly with Miguel; I get to grocery shop and go to BJ's (seriously, I love doing both!); I get to spend time outdoors--today it was walking on the Jerusalem Mill Trail with the two loves of my life--Miguel and Cuzco.

What day do you love and why?

Friday, May 05, 2006

God is a God of detail

I wanted to share a praise. God has been showing Himself faithful in the details time and time again. Last Sunday, Miguel posted three "For Rent" signs around the neighborhood. He accidentally wrote our phone number so tiny that you would have to pull your car over and walk to the sign to read the number. I did not think this method of finding a renter would even come close to working.

Well, Sunday afternoon the calls began to come in and they haven't stopped yet. Wednesday, a man called and asked to stop by and see the house that evening. When the man and his wife arrived, I was relieved. They actually showed up! AND they were older and "Past our wild and crazy days!" as they stated. They seemed to like the house and promised to call in the next few days. As they left, Miguel and I both remarked that we'd really like for them to rent our house.

Less than an hour later, the man called back saying that they'd like to put in a one year lease!!!! In less than three days God provided a renter that met all of our stipulations and desires. We move out May 31, they move in June 1. God is truly showing Himself as intimately involved in our lives and this move.

So we proceed forward, trusting that He will continue to open doors and close doors as He sees fit!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The end

After three long years, I am excited to say that I am finished with college--forever! I had my final exam last night. I have a project due on Monday. I have graduation at the end of May (which I am not attending). I have a diploma to receive in a few weeks. I have a raise to look forward to, and I have a future without late nights in Columbia!!!!!!! I wonder what it will be like to work, come home, sleep, work, come home, and sleep?? Will I feel the loss of school and go back this summer like Sacha predicts? (A little secret--I am a nerd!) Anyway, for now, I am going to enjoy the freedom from school and relish my free evenings at home!

Any fun accomplishments in your life lately?


This past Sunday was the fifth Sunday, and therefore my Sunday to help in the 5 year olds class. What a riot. I wanted to share a brief encounter with Warren Englehart. I have no fear mentioning his name as I am not bound to privacy or anything else of the legal nature...right Pebbles?! =)

Me: Ok kids, we need to hand sanitize before snack. Hold out your hands.
Warren: What do you think is better, GermX or Purell?
Me: Purell smells better (I am so obviously not a mom!)
Warren: NO, I mean which kills germs better (So obviously a germ-aware kid!)
Me: Uh, Purell smells better.
Warren: Well, I still want to know which works better!

How cute. Yes, this encounter really did happen. So it got me thinking. Which IS better?? Purell or GermX?

Sunday, April 30, 2006

April showers bring....New Freedom, PA

Well folks, it is with mixed emotions that I post our moving news. Miguel and I put a contract on a new townhome today! It is a gorgeous (at least what I can tell from the drywall!), underconstruction, yet to be finished townhouse in New Freedom, PA. We've been in our current home a little over a year, yet feel a leading to buy a townhouse in PA and rent our current home. We see this as a wise investment, a risk worth taking while we are young and childless. So while we signed contracts today, we wait for more open doors. We wait for a renter to be placed in our paths. We wait for our financing to be fully approved. Please pray that God's will is clearly revealed to us. Pray for peace over all of the decisions and details yet to be worked out. Pray that our hearts will not become anxious. And PRAY that if we do move, I don't eat too much icecream from this great little icecream/snowball shop called Bonkie's!!!

On a practical note, if you or anyone you know is looking for a place to rent, give us a call. =)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Who ME?!!!

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil....uh, Danielle???!

Over spring break, I managed to put all of my old photos into albums. I stumbled across this picture and thought it would be fun to post!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Walk the Plank

Adventures in the Barowski household are never lacking. Last night, Miguel and I decided to make a late night trip to Lowes to buy materials for our new deck. Our old deck, is well, old. If you stand in the far right corner and barely shift your weight, the entire deck sways from left to right and then back to left. Very scary. Needless to say, the new deck is a want but also a need! We headed out last night around 9:15, knowing we'd have 45 minutes to buy the boards, load them into Eric's full-size pickup, and get home. After choosing our boards (there is a fine art to board choosing), Miguel and the Lowes' employee decided it would be fine to load all 30 planks into the back of the truck, with the gate down. The planks were 18 feet. That meant 10 feet would be in the bed, 2 feet would be on the gate and 6 FEET would be hanging over the edge. No problem. We had one tie-down, that should do the trick. We only had 1/2 mile to drive, anyway. On the drive home, I trailed behind the truck, just in case. We turned onto Tolgate, no problems; we made it up the hill, no problems; we made it halfway through the roundabout, BIG problems. All 30 planks slowly began to spill out of the back of the truck and all over Westover. I began frantically blaring my horn, knowing full well that Miguel understood my honks. I stopped in the middle of the round about, slammed on my emergency flashers, slammed my door shut and give a little, "I told you so!" (Because in my mind, I had seen this happening before it even did!) Out of the darkness came a woman's voice asking if we needed help. Did we ever!! One man was kind enough to stop his truck and help. The four of us quickly got the planks reloaded into the truck and off we all went. Me silently praying that the planks would stay put for another 2 minutes. They made it. Thank God!

After all was said and done, I laughed. Chuckled was more like it. Lifting 30 planks a total of 3 times is no easy chore! Next time, I say we have the boards delivered!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spring Cleaning

My spring break is nearly half way over. And that means my spring cleaning to-do list should be half way through, right?! Not so. But I have tackled several major tasks--cleaning the entire office, including going through the file cabinet and shredding everything dated before 2006; cleaning out all of my kitchen cabinets, reorganizing them, and throwing away food and items that we don't use and won't use.

Here is what I've accomplished thus far:
1. Cleaning out the office (Emptying file cabinet, putting all pictures into albums)
2. Thoroughly cleaning the livingroom blinds
3. Cleaning out the cabinets in the kitchen
4. Filling boxes and taking them to Goodwill
5. Moving my winter clothes to the "other" dresser

What's left to do???
1. Scrub the kitchen and bathroom floors
2. Clean out the hall closet
3. Wash all the windows in my house-inside and out
4. Scrub my car--inside and out

Hmmm....the list could go on and on. I think I have to be a little more realistic and work on my list over the next several weeks! Spring break was a nice idea, as far as spring cleaning goes, but 7 days only gets you so far. Especially when you have outlet shopping to do, friends to see, parties to attend, and a puppy dog to love on! ;-)

Has anyone else started to tackle spring cleaning? What have you accomplished so far?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Within the past two four days, I have received some absolutely wonderful news and news that outwardly appears to be devastating. Both have to do with children. First, I found out that I am going to be aunt!!!! Erika and Aaron are pregnant with their first child, due sometime in December I believe! =) Second, many of you have already heard, but Emily and James Haughery's daughter, Alivia, has been undergoing serious medical testing to determine which type of lukemia she has. Alivia is only a year old. Please visit her blog (see my links) and hold her up in prayer! Emily and James are desperate for our prayers on their behalf.

With the first bit of news, my heart immediately said, "I want a baby." With the second bit of news, my heart just as quickly said, "Lord, it's just too risky." The pain of seeing a loved one sick is, at times, unbearable. How much moreso would it be with my own baby?

God faithfully spoke to my heart. There will be joy and suffering in motherhood. I cannot control the extent of either. I am called to one thing, and one thing only. Trust. Trust in a faithful, sovereign God who blatantly reveals that children are a blessing to be desired. He does not say desire the blessing only when you know things will go smoothly. He does not say desire the blessing on if the child will be healthy and without physical blemish. He simply calls me to trust in His loving hand.

Fear has no place in the life of a believer, which means, fear has no place in my life in the area of children. Lord, help me to view you as a sovereign God. One who gives as He sees fit and right. Help me to praise you, despite my circumstances--present or future.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Proud momma

Another picture. He needs some Libby lovin', for sure! So sad looking.

My biological kids are in big trouble...they'll be so sick of the camera--if this puppy is the measure of my fanatic picture taking. By the time my kids are old enough to say "Stop please, no more," I'll be sure to have murals plastered about and book shelves of albums filled!

I am my husband's wife

Good with her hands, yet dangerous on the job! For once, it is I who have the construction story! Miguel comes home almost daily with cuts, scrapes, bruises and the inevitable story of how he was UNSAFE and therefore received his wounds. I harp on him, but to no avail. As if to say, "I told you so," last night was my turn.

The Setting: My friend's old/new house. We were working in this old house to get it ready for her move in date--Sunday. We spent the evening putting together cabinets, shelves and hanging doors on the cabinets. The first door was a piece of cake. Second and third doors, no problem. The fourth door, man, should've known...stinkin' fourth door!

The Plot: Pain and suffering. Kadie climbed the step stool to screw in the top hinge of the door, while I stood below and gently lifted the door into place. As as I gave slight pressure, her hand slipped, the screw fell out and...

Climax: The door slipped from both of our hands and smacked me square in the face. Hard. It landed right on my forehead and cheek bone.

Falling action: All Kadie could say was, "Wow, you're going to have a black eye!" Thanks Kadie, Thanks!

Final Outcome: I have a very tender face and slight bruising that is manageable with make-up. But now I understand why God designed the human body with an ocular cavity. The eye sits recessed from the face to allow falling cabinet doors to miss our actual eyeball and only nail our cheek bones!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Puppy Pictures

Here is our buddy! Still no name, but isn't he cute?! He'll be coming home on Tuesday the 28th.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Morning and Evening

Encouragement from today's reading in Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening." I was freshly reminded of the vastness of Christ's love for me. The bold quote especially struck me. I was His ANCIENT CHOICE. Dear believer, YOU were His ancient choice! Let's rejoice in the knowledge and understanding of God's love for us today!

John 15:9 “As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you.”

As the Father loves the Son, in the same manner Jesus loves his people. What is that divine method? He loved him without beginning, and thus Jesus loves his members. “I have loved thee with an everlasting love.” You can trace the beginning of human affection; you can easily find the beginning of your love to Christ, but his love to us is a stream whose source is hidden in eternity. God the Father loves Jesus without any change... Yesterday you were on Tabor’s top, and you said, “He loves me:” to-day you are in the valley of humiliation, but he loves you still the same... When all His waves and billows go over you, His heart is faithful to His ancient choice...The Father loves the Son without any end, and thus does the Son love his people...Moreover, the Father loves the Son without any measure, and the same immeasurable love the Son bestows upon his chosen ones... Ah! we have indeed an immutable Saviour, a precious Saviour, one who loves without measure, without change, without beginning, and without end, even as the Father loves him! There is much food here for those who know how to digest it. May the Holy Ghost lead us into its marrow and fatness!

Poop Ball

Yes, that's right, I said "Poop Ball." Today was another first at my job. Let me explain! I have one student who is, as of yet, unpotty trained. She is in the 3rd grade and wears pull-ups every day to school. She is on a 45 minute bathrooming schedule, in an attempt to acclimate her to toileting. No real progress over two years. Discouraging, but at times entertaining. Take today, for instance. Lashay has taken to doing a "poop squat" as we like to call it. She will bend over slightly, tense her face, and we then know that the deed's been done. Today, I caught her mid squat and raced her to the bathroom. To my dismay, we were too late. She went into the stall and pulled down her pull-up. I went to get gloves. As I walked over to her, I saw a rather large, mushy ball of poop in her pull-up. The poop ball slowly began to roll. And rolled right off of her pull-up, onto the bathroom floor. "Crap," I thought, "What do I do?! Mushy poop ball on the floor." Without much more thought, I picked that sucker up and put it right in the pot. Gagging the entire time. After the gagging stopped, the nose watering began. And continued until we were out of the bathroom.

All that to say, poop balls are entertaining and provide amusement at the end of a LONG and hard week of work!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's a BOY!

No, Miguel and I aren't pregnant....BUT, we are expecting a puppy! Two weeks from today, we will get our 8 week old, male Golden Retriever. I can honestly say that I think about this little guy all day long. My thoughts drift from his personality, to the activities we'll do with him, and most often to a name for him.

Therein lies our predicament! We absolutely cannot decide on a name (or even come up with viable options!). HELP! If you have any great and unique dog names, please post them for us! So far, my favorite, and only name choice is Ciro, which in a Spanish dialect means "sun." Appropriate for his coloring. Feel free to post any names, no matter how random! And when we finally decide on a name, I'll be sure to post--along with a picture!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

P & P

Anyone who loves Jane Austen knows that P & P stands for "Pride and Prejudice."

Years ago, Jane Austen became a staple in my libraries--both book and movie. Despite all my Austen movie watching, P & P is by far my favorite. The new version of the movie proved, yet again to me, that Jane Austen truly transcends time and culture. I was weary of the movie--a new version prove to be even close to the A&E version?! Could it be? While the new version is much shorter in length, and I mean MUCH shorter, I did not feel cheated out of the plot. The directors and adapters remained true to the story line and masterfully brought us from beginning to end, without a sense of loss.

The scenery was more ethereal, almost cartoonish or make-believe at times. Note the scene where Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle are sitting under a LARGE tree as they are headed north to lake country. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of beautiful English countryside. Also of note, the score was not Austen quality. I am not musically inclined, yet felt the soundtrack to be lacking. It felt absent at most times, except during the dance scenes. Those scenes tended to take on a more Irish feel, interesting since the movie is not intended to be set in Ireland? Perhaps it's just my untrained ears!

The characters were not as well developed, due to time constraints. The interactions between Jane and Bingley were accurately portrayed and to my satisfaction. However, I felt that the building romance between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy was not as intense as in the A&E version. However, personally, this may be due to the actor's lack of physical appeal. Matthew Macfadyen, who played Mr. Darcy, reminded me of a British John Cusack. Don't get me wrong, I love John Cusack, in his place, not as a romantic hero.

However, by the end of the movie, Mr. Darcy had wooed me, along with Elizabeth Bennet, and I *sighed* the same *sigh* that the A&E version elicited. The minor defects were forgotten and the new Pride and Prejudice will most likely find its way into my movie collection.

Libby gives P & P: **** (4 stars). A delightful, lively, and relatively accurate depiction of a Jane Austen classic. Worth seeing, no matter how ardently you love the A&E version.

No ordinary girls' night

Growing up, I always respected and looked up to the "older girls" in the church--Heather, Emily, Brianna. When I got to spend time with them, it was always memorable and I felt special. Special because they took time out of their "older" lives to spend with me, a little kid. I still remember one snowy evening at Heather's--going to see Sense and Sensibility--before I knew who Jane Austen was (!!)--playing Huggermugger, drinking hot chocolate, then spending the night to watch Rear Window. That is a prized memory. God graciously prompted those girls to invest in my life at a very pivotal time.

I have sensed God's prompting on my life, in this very area, over the past few months. I have benefited to this day from the investments in my life, and desire to have the same impact on the "younger girls." Last night I had my first opportunity to invest in the life of a younger girl. I spent my Friday evening with McKenzie Templeton. I picked her up at her place, then drove home for an evening of chick flicks. We were able to engage in a some good "getting to know you" conversation and even a little encouragement. After trying to stay awake through two movies--the new Pride and Prejudice (see next post) and another that I can't recall--the efforts were at a loss. We trooped upstairs to bed. McKenzie timidly asked where she'd sleep. I suggested in my bed with me, since I truly can't sleep without Miguel being home!!! So a body in the bed would be welcome!! Actually, I wanted to make a memory, and talking as we fell asleep sounded like a good one. We quickly drifted off and then hit the snooze about five times this morning. We got up, made a great breakfast and had more time to talk. Our time together was nothing outlandish, nothing expensive, and nothing even exciting. Yet, it was fun and memorable.

While the impact on McKenzie may not be significant, I pray God used last night to bless her. I know the impact on my life will be great. I was the one who was blessed. I walked away feeling refreshed by her honesty and sincerity. I often forget what it's like to be young, and take life too seriously. God has graciously envisioned me to spend time with a younger generation--a calling I pray I am faithful to.

Who, from a slightly older generation (but younger than your parents!), impacted your life growing up?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Verse of Impact

Recently, I have been struck by two simple, yet profound verses.

Psalm 135:5-6
I know that the LORD is great,
that our Lord is greater than all gods.

The LORD does whatever pleases him,
in the heavens and on the earth,
in the seas and all their depths.

He does whatever pleases Him. For me, these verses are beginning to have significant impact on my relationship with my husband. Because He pleased to do so, He chose Miguel as the perfect husband for me; because He pleased to do so, He chose me as the perfect wife for Miguel. This is truth from scripture for my life today in the moment.

Are you struggling within your circumstances? I encourage you not to ask "why" like I so often and frequently do, but rather, view your circumstances as those that God pleased to place you in. This is truly a life altering change of perspective.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

UN-Valentine's Celebration

For the past two years, Miguel and I have ventured to the Melting Pot Restaurant in Towson with three loyal friends--Em Sleeman, Em Connell, and Kane Minton. Each year, our party grows, a good friend, a new girlfriend. I anticipate our evening together from the beginning of January. Great food and wonderful friends. Tonight, we continue the tradition! Cheese appetizer, meat and seafood dinner, and oh the chocolate dessert! But, beyond the food, the fellowship always amazes me. I walk away realizing how blessed I have been. God has graciously given me friendships that are not only meaningful, but endure over the years! He is so good to me.

So....Here's to an UN-Valentine's Celebration at the Melting Pot.

Do you have any fond "Friendship" memories attached to a restaurant?

Monday, February 13, 2006


I was wondering, in light of Valentine's Day, what is your favorite love song? Though not my favorite, our first dance song will always have special memories attached to it!

"When You Say You Love Me"
Like the sound of silence calling,
I hear your voice and suddenly
I'm falling, lost in a dream.
Like the echoes of our souls are meeting,
You say those words and my heart stops beating.
I wonder what it means.
What could it be that comes over me?
At times I can't move.
At times I can hardly breathe.

When you say you love me
The world goes still, so still inside and
When you say you love me
For a moment, there's no one else alive

You're the one I've always thought of.
I don't know how, but I feel sheltered in your love.
You're where I belong.
And when you're with me if I close my eyes,
There are times I swear I feel like I can fly
For a moment in time.
Somewhere between the Heavens and Earth ,
And frozen in time, Oh when you say those words.

And this journey that we're on.
How far we've come and I celebrate every moment.
And when you say you love me,
That's all you have to say.
I'll always feel this way.

When you say you love me
The world goes still, so still inside and
When you say you love me
In that moment,I know why I'm alive

When you say you love me.
When you say you love me.
Do you know how I love you?


Over the past year, I have come to some very harsh realizations. First, God is not after my happiness. He is, however, after my holiness. Second, I am learning that my expectations are OFTEN left unmet. Unmet in order to force me to grow and confront sin in my life.

An all too recent and painful example:

Like so many of you, I enjoy the snow. In fact, as a single woman, I always dreamed of the snow days that would come after I was married--shut in with your honey, nothing to do but, well....the possibilities were endless. When the talk of snow began earlier this week, the excitement grew. My first snow--we'd rent movies, play games, eat soup. The list would be endless. I went to the library and rented four movies. I made sure the house was stocked with food--junk and other. I was ready. Then it began. The snow and the sin. They aren't inherently linked, at least I pray not. But it surely did appear that way all weekend. My expectations were unraveling from the second Saturday began. Selfishly, I waited until the last minute to prepare our house for guests that were coming over. This sent me into a self-induced bout of panic and anger. The remainder of the evening was spent pretending to be fine and trying to enjoy myself around my husband. Sunday was no different. I eagerly anticipated waking up early, making a huge breakfast for Miguel and then cuddling up on the couch with one of our movies. When asked what he wanted for breakfast, a quick "instant oatmeal" reply DID NOT meet my expectations. I immediately became angry. I was failing in my attempts to serve my husband despite my unmet expectations. The remainder of the day was no different. I allowed each little scenario to utterly ruin my snow day(and my attitude). There were no snow angels, no snow walks, no sledding events, nothing. My anger ruled me and I chose to remain in sin instead of enjoy the beauty God had put on display. I wish I could say that the day ended well--it didn't. More pretending that I was fine. More unmet expectations. Some good ol' yelling and screaming. Yet through it, I realized that God was trying to speak to me. He was purposefully placing me in situations where I am forced to choose between anger and joy. Which will I choose in the moment? I pray that during the next snow storm, I choose to enjoy it and not let unmet expectations rule me. I know God has many more expectations and deeply rooted sins to destroy in my life. However, I just hope that next time it's during a rainstorm and not a snowstorm!

Sunday, January 29, 2006


I've been "tagged" by Danielle to answer the following questions

Four Jobs I Have Had in My Life:
LIfeguard/Pool Operator for two summers
Middle School Math teacher for one year
ESOL (English speakers of other languages) tutor
Special Education teacher

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over Again:
Sense and Sensibility
Lion King
Last of the Mohicans
Pelican Brief

Four Places I Have Lived:
Edgewood, MD
Fallston, MD
455 Crisfield, Abingdon
3467 Howell, Abingdon

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch:
CSI--Las Vegas
The Bachelor
King of Queens

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation:
Domincan Republic
San Diego

Four Websites I Visit Daily (or at least weekly):
Various blogs
kennedy krieger webmail

Four of My Favorite Foods:
Chicken anything
ice cream

Four Singers I Can't Live Without:
Sarah McLaughlin
Dave Matthews
Matt Redman
??uh, Amanda? ha

Four Places I'd Rather Be:
At home (I'm waiting for my evening class to start!)
In bed (that's always a fav!)
On a beach, with clear water in front of me
On a tropical island on a beach with clear water in front of me

Four Bloggers I am tagging:
Steve-O (since you're always bored!)

Friday, January 13, 2006


My job often finds me performing tasks that I never imagined would happen at a work place. Today was just one of those days, though not unusual for Lois T. Murray (my school). A little background. One of my students, Adelaida, came in last week with matted, slightly greasy hair. We decided to brush it out and braid it. On Monday, she came in with the same braids. Her father reported that her mother was out of town for the next two weeks and he had NO IDEA what to do with Adelaida's hair. So he left the braids. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Same braids. Thursday afternoon we resolved to wash her hair and rebraid it if she came in on Friday with the same do. This morning, in walks Adelaida--same braids. I had come prepared--Shampoo and conditioner in one hand, towels in the other. Amanda, my coworker, and I trudged off to the bathroom, Adelaida and supplies in hand. Our bathrooms are all equipped with tubs, how convenient for us!

Adelaida started laughing as soon as she saw the water running. Little did I know that the laughing was simply mocking! She undressed and then we put her in the tub. SHe loved the water. She splashed, swam, and laughed some more. Then came the hard part. Washing her hair. A little girl of six, with downs and a will like none other, is not an easy client! She started laughing louder, and darting around, and standing up, and pushing us away, and resisting in whatever way she could. It took both Amanda and me to hold her down, put shampoo in, and rinse. All the while she is wiggling and laughing. After shampoo, she needed more shampoo. Why??? So we went through the process again. This time, we tried to trick her. We'd start to dump water on the back of her hair, then we'd sneak around the front and get her! She would laugh and then stand up, attempting to get out of the tub. Shampoo out, on to conditioner. She loved having her hair rubbed, but hated rinsing. Surprise! When it was time to rinse, Adelaida practically jumped out of the tub. Seriously. She stood up and attempted to lunge toward Amanda. Luckily, we were semi-prepared for any such attempts. We were able to calm her down and gently push her back into the tub. By the end of our hairwashing adventure, Amanda and I were just as wet as Adelaida. We finally got the job finished, no less than 45 minutes later. I now understand why her dad didn't even pretend that he would take care of her hair! I should have taken a lesson from the pro and stayed way from the bathtub!

Bathtubs and all, I can say that my job is an adventure. I never know what new "mommy" duties I will be performing. Maybe next week I will get to wipe some snotty noses or even some stinky rears. But I pray that Adelaida's mom returns soon!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

On Reading

A few months ago, a friend asked if I was interested in starting a book club. I talked it over with Miguel, and he gave the go ahead for my involvement. However, time slipped by and I imagined I would never read a novel in the new year, much less join a book club. Well ladies and gents, it's happening...I've finished one novel already this year AND the book club looks to begin within the next few weeks. Anyone interested? It will be comprised of myself, two girls from work, Naomi Sherer, and anyone else! We aim to read a book a month, then host a dinner once we all finish said book to discuss and socialize. If you are interested, send an e-mail and I will be sure to give you more details once I have them. Any suggestions for good, fiction novels?

Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday's word

Last night, I sat in bed reading...Something I haven't done in years. I had forgotten how much I love reading a good book right before bed. I know my tendencies to let 10 turn into 11, which always seems to slip into 12...and then I wake up exhausted. So, I always give myself a reading curfew. "You can read until 10:23, but no later!" Then, like the morning's snooze button, I give myself "just a few more minutes." The few more minutes turned into over an hour last night!

As I sat in bed, I had my blue pen ready. Any word I didn't immediately recognize (or couldn't figure even with an educated guess) got a blue underline. No electronic dictionaries in bed. I had two or three words underlined by the time I went to bed. However, my word of the day comes from my bathroom reading this afternoon, not bed reading. so....without further ado, here is THE WORD OF THE DAY....


1. Strange or unearthly; eerie

"It looked marvellously pure, marvellously full of its own gray and eldritch charm..."

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Word of the day

I have a tiny blue book, quite unlike "a little black book," to be sure. My blue book contains lists, lots of lists--things I want, things I need, Movies to watch, Restaurants to try, AND books to read. One of the books on my list is "Misery" by Stephen King. I know what you may be thinking....Cheesy horror book. I want to be the one to put that myth to death. Not rest, death. I am a closet King fan. Green Mile, great book. I started Misery on Monday and I have to say: Misery, incredible book so far. Stephen King is, to many people's (mine included) surprise, a dynamic and talented writer.

While I am not sure that I can completely recommend Misery, due to some unnecessary foul language, I can say that Stephen King has increased my vocabularly (not just those foul words!). It has been quite some time since I've read a book in which I required the help of a dictionary. But, it's refreshing. My mind is being stretched; I am being challenged, and I love it. Don't get me wrong, King is not a technical writer; he simply loves using "intelligent" words where a much more simple word could have been used.

SO, my word for the day is RICTUS. Perhaps some of you know the meaning, I however had to use my handy dandy on-line =)


1. The expanse of an open mouth, a bird's beak, or similar structure.
2. A gaping grimace

"So you just sit there," she said, lips pulled back in that grinning rictus...