Friday, September 24, 2010

Cupcake Review #3

This sweets eating thing has GOT to stop. I mean it. For real this time. No more. So, this review is going to have to hold me over until at least next week.

Today, I ventured with two friends to a new cupcakery in Havre de Grace. Sweet Devotion just opened in the last month, so I wasn't sure what to expect, especially considering it sits right on Rt. 40. The atmosphere was charming, and felt a bit reminiscent of Panera--overstuffed leather couches, a fireplace (NO it was not on). I would go back just to sit, drink coffee, eat a cupcake (or two), and enjoy the cafe. I had planned to order two cupcakes and walked out with six. Here's what I ordered and what I thought.
(The Red Velvet never made it home, and the others...well, I forgot to snap a picture before I took a few nibbles)

Salted Caramel: The presentation was pretty, but the cupcake/filling/frosting combination was way too sweet. Miguel and I chose not to finish it

PB: This was a chocolate cake with a mini-Reese's cup baked into the middle, a peanut butter frosting with a mini-Reese's cup on top. I thought this had a great balance of flavors, not too sweet. But it would have been better with a softer pb center instead of the cup.

Boston Cream: The vanilla cake was super moist. The cream filling was delicate, though could have used a bit more of it. The chocolate ganache was good, but honestly needed a little sweetness added to it.

Red Velvet: I love red velvet, and this was fantastic. It was simple, not a lot of frosting, perfect!

Sweet Devotion is well worth a visit. Next time, I think I'll try the crepes.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cupcake Review #2

Yesterday, a friend (a true friend, I might add) brought me not one, not two, but FOUR cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake. She just happened to be in that neighborhood, and just happened to ask if I'd like a sample box. Would I like a sample box?! Rhetorical question, I'm sure. There is much hype around the shop, as the store is now featured as a TLC show. I wondered if the cupcakes were as good as I'd heard. Could they really be "out of this world," "ridiculous," "worth the 2 hour drive"??? Well, yes, my friends, they are all those things and more. Here is a list of what I tasted, and my reactions.
Key Lime: Frosting was a light and fluffy buttercream, but not overly sweet. The cake could have used a bit of graham in it. Overall, loved loved it.

PB Fudge: WOW. Chocolate cake with a pb frosting, and a surprise chocolate lava filling. PB frosting wasn't too sweet or too rich. Heavenly.

Caramel Apple: This was good. just good. It was a bit much for me. The apple cake would have been good on its own with a small dollop of cream cheese frosting. The caramel filling and cream cheese frosting together were too rich.

Chocolate Squared: Chocolate cake dipped in chocolate ganache. Quite tasty, and I will be trying the recipe that was posted here. Nothing out of the ordinary, but the cake was moist and the ganache was a perfect complement.

If you just HAPPEN to be in that neighborhood, you should wander in, wait the two hours to place your order, and bring me back a sample box. Next on my cupcake to-do list.....sample and review Sweet Devotion Cupcakes next week.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cupcake Review #1

I have a new passion for cupcakes. I love that they are the perfect portion. I love that they can be easily stored in the fridge if need be. I love that they are easy to fill and frost. I love that they satisfy my sweet tooth and I'm not tempted to "cut just a sliver" more.

So, when I heard about Fresh Bakery in Towson Town Center, I was beyond excited. A friend and I planned an outing around cupcakes. Trader Joes first, shoes next, cupcakes last. What could be a more perfect day. All we knew was that the cupcake place was new and on the 2nd level. We got off the escalators and saw a kiosk full of cupcakes. First impression: WHO sells cupcakes out of a kiosk?!? Definitely not a professional way to market and sell cupcakes. Cell phones or cheap jewelry out of a moving cart, sure. Edibles, I think not. There was no one manning the kiosk, so we weren't able to ask if there was a storefront-which is highly unlikely. So it left us wondering where (and frankly when) the cupcakes were made. They looked cute enough, and as we browsed the cupcakes, the "Martha's Vineyard" strawberry-on-strawberry cupcakes caught my eye. YUM, strawberry flecks in the icing. Or was it a fruit fly? Yup, upon further inspection, there were fruit flies buzzing around the cupcakes behind the glass.

Lovely, we promptly left, quite disappointed. Someone will be hearing from me shortly.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


chivalry is surely not dead. as much as I hear people hem and haw over "kids these days," I saw the sweetest gesture of masculinity today.

A teenage boy and girl were walking on the shoulder of Tollgate Road today as I was driving by. The girl was walking closer to the traffic (too close for comfort), with the boy next to the sidewalk. As I drove by, the boy gently pulled her shirt sleeve and made her walk on the other side of him, as he took the spot closer to traffic.

It reminded me of an era where men held doors open for women, no matter who they were; would gladly open a car door for a woman no matter what the weather; paid for a date, no matter what number date it was. ah, the good ol' days.