Thursday, June 30, 2005


Last night as I lay in bed, I was trying to think of a creative name for my blog. Then it hit me. I love icecream, especially Ben and Jerry's. One of my favorites is "Everything but the..." I like it because of it's name, not necessarily for its content!

How perfect for my blog! Love it for its name, not necessarily for its content!

Not to mention the fact that the pages of my blog will surely be filled with everything but the:
*kitchen sink
*exact details of my day-to-day dealings (how boring!)
*most profound thoughts on life (it's been a while since I've had profound thoughts!)
*solution to poverty and world hunger
*theories of quantum physics (I got my one and only "B" in college in Physics!)

Hope my new title at least inspires you to go and buy Ben and Jerry's. Shoot, I don't even care what flavor!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Scary Stories

Last night, Harford County had a severe thunderstorm. I haven't seen rain or lightning like this in years. Trees were blowing, rain was coming down sideways. The sky was a scary shade of green. We spent the evening at the Connell's, in the dark. Though no electrcity, we had a wonderful time listening to scary stories told by Anna. Made up stories of Hazel, Anna, and Meredith's adventures. Something about an abandoned house and a rock whose face looked like Anna. I don't know. I missed most of the story.

This morning I heard the phone ring. It rang at the base, but the cordless phone was no where to be found. I looked through the rooms of the house, in all the usual spots--under a pile of clean clothes, in the bathroom by the sink, behind the couch, on the base (who knows, it could have magically reappeared?!). No luck. The phone was officially M.I.A.

It's ok, I thought, it will surely turn up. It always does.

I went along my merry way; opening blinds to let the little bit of sunlight in that this dreary day may provide. As I opened the back blinds, there it was. Our cordless phone! For a moment, I forgot the storm that had pounding our community last night. Then it hit me, our phone had spent the evening on the ledge of our deck in the pouring rain.

I quickly used a blowdryer in an attempt to salvage our phone. The fate of our recovered phone is yet to be determined. I haven't received a phone call, and am actually fearful that I may receive some sort of electrical shock if it does work!

I am petrified that I will fall through the planks of the deck. I sit out there with a timid sense of security. I go out there as little as possible, so I am assuming (and you should too!) that it wasn't me who left the phone in the storm.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Cheap Dates

Being newly married has brougt many new adventures and surprises (Maybe my blog should be titled marriage minutes or some other corny alliteration) , the most unexpected, perhaps, was having less money somehow than when I was single. I make the same amount of money. Miguel even got a raise. But a mortgage somehow outweighs the raise and our dual income!

So we've resorted to some cheap, yet romantic and fun summer dates. I thought I'd share them, incase anyone else is, or ever finds themself in the same boat!

1. Get Rita's Italian Ice followed by a long walk at Mariner Point Park--sitting on the dock as the sun sets adds a little something as well!

2. Pack a picnic lunch--as simple as wraps and some fruit--and head to Kilgore Falls in Rock State Park. If you're adventurous, bring a bathing suit. If not, a nice blanket will do. There is a great spot at the top of the waterfall. Quiet and secluded.

3. For those who don't want to spend any money at all--buy a game (or borrow from us), I suggest Phase 10. Play the night away. It will take several hours if you actually want to complete the game. We've ended with some funny moments and memories that surely don't make me feel like we had a date night at home! =) Lydia suggested trying whatever game it is by candle light?! could be romantic!

Here's to cheap dates and romance!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

My Job??

As a new wife, subconsciously I expected to be transformed into Superwoman, or some other godess with superhuman powers. I realized this as I find are some examples of what I mean:

Miguel and Libby in the kitchen preparing to hang out with Lyd and Eric. Miguel wants to make the green stuff. Libby's response, "Miguel you can't make the dessert; that's my job!"

Miguel and Libby after work. Libby realizes the bathroom is dirty. Miguel offers to clean it and it happens again. "Thank you love, but that is my job. I'll do it."

My wonderful husband consistently offers to do things for me, such as make dinner, or make his own lunch. My quick response is always, "babe, that's my job." To which he protests that those things are NOT my job and that I am robbing him of the ability to serve and bless me.

HELP! Are these things, such as making lunches, and preparing the "green stuff" for get togethers really MY JOB? Or are they duties that are ok to relinquish to him? I think the Proverbs 31 woman is so ingrained in me that I am confused as to what is my job and what is ok to let Miguel do. I try to be perfect at this new role and am left with feelings of failure and confusion. Any thoughts and advice to this new and confused wife would be wonderful!
To be honest, I have had very negative thoughts concerning Blogs, or blogging, or whatever this new rage is. I remember journaling when I was 13, and quitting shortly after because my journals all began the same way..."today I..." Hours of detailing my every event seemed worthless and silly. Though I have to admit, looking back on those pages surely makes me laugh!

I decided to write, since I have two weeks off before I am back to teach summer school at Lois T. Murray, School #313, in Baltimore City. I also decided to write since I have read so many blogs from ladies in the church. Some topics interesting, some lengthy and, well, honestly, not fully read!

I am sure that I may not have many original thoughts, but I will surely enjoy commenting on others thoughts! With that, have a happy June 23, as I surely will (still in my PJ's).