Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too cute

I want these!!! How cute would it be to hang from my diaper bag, or a bottle, or her favorite stuffed animal, or her soccer bag...the possibilities are endless. I think I could convince myself that this is an investment piece!

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Sunday, April 19, 2009


The journey to contentment (and a car) has been a very long one. For two months, I have wrestled with anger, bitterness, and impatience. After my car died, I assumed we would find another within a week. I could wait a week, even two. As the weeks passed, and all the great deals seemed to pass us, I began to lose hope. Had God not heard my desperate pleas? Had Miguel not heard my desperate pleas?

Contentment. Not the lesson I wanted to learn. Yet, I have so clearly seen God's provision in God's timing. Was I going to have an "Ishmael" car by forcing the issue? Or an "Isaac" car by allowing God to bring the car of his choosing across our path?

Last Saturday, we stumbled across a newly posted Honda Pilot on Craig's List, and the story began. The car was beautifully kept, had low miles, and had everything we were looking for (and more) in a vehicle. But, it was out of our budget. Miguel called the woman, Ellie, and immediately liked her. We decided to go see the car, but had to wait until Monday. As we were walking on the trail, we decided to call her and offer her a lower price, just to see what she would say. Before we could call, Ellie called US and offered the car to us at the exact same price we were going to offer. She said to think about it while she talked with her husband. Monday we drove to see it, and we both loved it. We had our deposit ready until she quoted us a higher price. Her husband did not want her to sell it for such a steal. I walked away feeling disappointed, but honestly at peace. I could be content to wait a few more days, weeks, or perhaps even a month. The next day, Miguel called to thank Ellie for her time and to tell her that we would not be purchasing the vehicle. Ellie immediately told Miguel that she wanted to bless us as a family, and she would sell us the car at a greatly discounted price. Ellie's sister had reminded her that there is blessing in being generous and blessing others. We had our "Isaac" car!

Unbeknownst to me, Miguel had prayed that morning that God would be gracious to us and allow Ellie to offer an even lower price than she had originally quoted. Miguel prayed a big prayer and saw God answer immediately and powerfully. If for no other reason, I truly believe the my VW died to increase my contentment and Miguel's faith. It is amazing the circumstances God uses to mold us and teach us. I pray that in the next trial or test, I will be able to find contentment as I look back and see God's provision in God's perfect timing.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

4 months (a week or so late)

Time has literally been flying by. I teared up last week as I sat and watched Isabel. She is no longer a newborn, and at times seems like a little girl. We have enjoyed every single day of being her parents. Each day seems to be more fun than the one before.

Isabel's favorite things:
*Staring thoughtfully at people
*Watching her dog and laughing as he licks her hands
*Playing with her toys on her playmat

Silly things she's doing:
*Crying at certain (unnamed) friends
*Eating cereal and squealing between bites, almost as if she's saying "more Mom!"