Friday, October 20, 2006

Easy (and quick) apple dip

Tonight, I went to a party hosted by one of the women in my new neighborhood. Last week she walked around to each of the new homes and invited us to her house for a get together. She said not to bring anything, but I always feel somewhat naked if I arrive empty handed. So I decided to make something "apple," spur of the moment. I thought about cutting up apples and bringing along peanut butter...corny. Then I thought about making caramel dip, but I didn't have anything to make it with. So I rushed up to the computer and searched for an easy apple dip recipe. The following recipe popped up, and I happened to have all of the ingredients.

1 Cup peanut butter (I used natural)
1 Cup brown sugar (I used Brown sugar Splenda)
8 oz. cream cheese (low fat or fat free)
1/4 Cup milk (skim)

Whisk it all together and serve chilled! Awesome with Granny Smith's.

I must say, the last minute addition to the party was a hit. Everyone asked how it was made and by the end of the evening, it had been devoured. So, if you happen to come to my house in the next few weeks, chances are, you'll be served this apple dip!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

apple picking

"oh, I feel a little Anne of Green Gables-ish." "If I jump, I can maybe reach that really BIG one? Sacha, you're tall, you get it!" "Can I fill my basket super high and still pay for the half bushel?" All quotes from my day today. Doing what you might ask?? Why, apple picking, of course!

I must admit, I'd never been, until today. I joined four of my wonderful friends for an afternoon of apple picking at Maple Lawn Farms and then an evening of pie making. I haven't had that much fun in a while! Sacha and I picked side-by-side until our baskets ran over, literally. Then we got rid of some of our Granny Smiths so that we could add Romes. Which we thought were mushy, but ended up being super crisp and not-too-tart. I ate more than I put in my basket and still had room for more! When our baskets were too full to add another apple, we adventured back to Em's house for an evening of dessert making--tarts, crisps and lots of pies! Kris and I were given the task of coring, peeling and slicing 6 pounds of apples for a pie that we wouldn't even get to eat (or taste!)! But away we went. My mantra for the evening was "if it tastes bad, Kris did it. If it tastes good, well then, of course, I did it!"

I have a half bushel of apples and don't want them to go to waste. What should I make with them? What good apple recipes do you have? Please post! Or send them to me via e-mail! I'd hate for my Granny Smiths, Romes, Fujis, and Staymens to all go bad just because I ran out of apple recipes =)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Practical application?!

On Wednesday night, I attended our church's ladies' meeting. We broke down into small sessions, and I attended Marilyn's on simplifying your life. I absolutely LOVE being organized--mainly throwing things away, decluttering and rearranging. I determined to head home after the meeting to empty out my kitchen over the weekend. Emily Connell wondered just how much kitchen stuff I could accumulate in a year and a half. A LOT, I told her! I love dishes, they are my obsession! Clothes, shoes, nah. Dishes get me every time. I have my eye on a new set that would look fabulous in my kitchen. But alas, Miguel has put his foot down. Four sets of dishes is enough for a newly married and childless woman!

Ok, back to my topic--decluttering and organizing. I set to work this morning with a mission--throw away anything I don't use and haven't used for at least one season. Going through my clothes was easy. I Goodwilled a large bag and box full of sweaters and pants. Some of the sweaters were from high school and some were hole ridden. Each one I put in the bag, Miguel questioned. "Can't you still wear that?!" "Don't ask me to buy you a new one!" "What's wrong with that one??" I simply reminded him that 6 years ago was the 90's and fashion has drastically changed...not to mention most of the items were way too big and oh so slightly worn.

On to the kitchen. I was going to have great fun. I started with some simple organizing and then moved on to throwing things favorite! I pulled out a griddle pan that I've used once. Goodwill item, for sure. Or so I thought. Miguel quickly ixnayed my idea and told me to put it back where I found it. It could be useful, he said. We love grilled cheese, remember?? Yes, dear, but I use a regular pan for that...Well, you'll think of some use for it! I know, I can beat you with it when I get mad! ha, that would work. So back into the drawer it went. The bottle opener. Can't throw that out either, our other one might break?!! Who thinks like that????? =) Obviously my husband! Back into the drawer it went.

I gave up. And resorted to making chocolate chip cookies. Oh well. Perhaps I should give up decluttering and work on waking up a half hour earlier to spend time in the Word!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Why I love living in New Freedom

1. The closest traffic light is a little over seven minutes away.
2. You don't have to take a drive into the "country" to see the beautiful foliage because you're already there.
3. A tasty Italian meal at the local Ma and Pa restaurant costs less than $9.00, and that's with a side salad and enough left overs for at least one more meal.
4. Our local bagel shop has FOUR different sugar-free syrup flavors for my lattes. Versus the TWO that Starbuck's has.

Why I REALLY LOVE Shrewsbury

1. A trip to Wal-Mart means I can get my oil changed, drop off my prescriptions, buy the toiletries I've been desperately needing, AND get my grocery shopping accomplished. All while laughing at the plethora of red necks who frequent Super Wal-Mart because it is the one and only place to be!


2. Fashion Bug is still in existence, and widely shopped by those very same red necks.

Why do you love your neighborhood and surrounding areas?!

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Ok, ok, so I only "discovered" this product like Columbus "discovered" the New World! The Magic Eraser is my new found love. I bought one today in hopes of cleaning the disaster known as my kitchen sink. We have gorgeous corian countertops and double sinks. The sinks are white. Well should be. Were....before we moved in. I had resigned myself to the fact that a slightly brown-ish tint was ok and irreversible. No longer, my friends, no longer! My sinks are now, thanks to the Magic Eraser, a sparkling white. Yay Magic Eraser.

So I am curious, what household cleaning products are you simply unable to live without?

Friday, October 06, 2006


In high school and college I used to love these surveys! I tag Sacha, Melodye and Amanda.

FIRST NAME: Elizabeth
YOUR FAVORITE LUNCHMEAT? Turkey Ham or rare roast beef
DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? Yes, I love to journal but haven't done much lately
YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? All time fav? Cracklin' Oat Bran. Flav of the month? Grape Nuts with splenda
YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR? Chubby Hubby or Moose Tracks
SHOE SIZE? 8.5. My feet have shrunk 1.5 sizes since high school?!
RED OR PINK? Pink. There is a shade that will look good on EVERYONE!
YOUR LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? my back fat and stretch marks that make me look like I've already had a kid (thank you to someone for pointing that out to me, ha!) Don't ask to see them!
WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? pants-comfy, slightly too big jeans. Shoes, Rocket Dogs,yeah! Brown with little sequins. Very cute.
FAVORITE SMELL? Aqua de Gio (men's cologne)
FAVORITE DRINK? Pumpkin spice latte or a Miami Vice (half strawberry daquiri, half pina colada!)
HAT SIZE? Adjustable
FAVORITE FOOD? definitely italian with mexican a close second
SUMMER OR WINTER? Summer-beach baby all the way
FAVORITE SOUNDS? silence as I am falling asleep!
WHAT’S YOUR SPECIAL TALENT? Hanging a spoon from my nose, oooh ahhh.