Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Restaurant Review

Monday night I went to a new restaurant in Hampden, right on the Avenue. That's 36th Street for those of you who are unfamiliar with the area. The restaurant is named "Suzie's Soba." It is famed for it's noodles. Everything is noodles. And Asian. Asian noodles.

AND, it's incredible. You can read the City Paper review, or simply take my word for it.

The spinach and shitake, killer. The Banana Tempura, amazing. The ginger limeade, incredibly delicious. Everything (except dessert) is eaten with chopsticks, which only adds to the ambiance of the place.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and adventurous night out, Suzie's will surely not disappoint.

Monday, October 17, 2005


I haven't posted in a while, mainly because I haven't had the opportunity--nor the material--to post. I kept wishing I had something, just a little something to write about. I could post about my student plucking out my eyebrows, yeah, that's a cute story. Or, I could post about my lunch-time incident. That was not so funny. So the lunch-time story won out!

I have eaten yogurt with my lunch since I was in high school. The love affair with yogurt hasn't ended, nor is it likely to. Though my recent luck with yogurt hasn't been so great. Last week I had vanilla yogurt, plain vanilla. I also had shoes on with tiny holes on the top for decoration purposes (that is an important fact!). After eating my sandwich, I opened the yogurt and decided to walk to my class and finish eating there. Somehow, between the lunch table and the trash can I forgot that the yogurt was open. I managed to dump 3/4 of the entire contain down my leg and onto my foot. Remember that the shoes have holes in the top. In went the yogurt. Down between my toes. Under the arch. In the creases. Sick. I gasped. Co-workers laughed.

Today, my daily yogurt was no different. I had a PBJ and a cherry vanilla yogurt. I had eaten my PBJ and was getting ready to eat my yogurt. I took off the plastic lid. The foil was still securely on underneath, or so I thought. I began to shake my yogurt like I do every day to mix it. As I did, the contents of the container ended up ALL over my white dress shirt. Pink blobs flew everywhere--across the table, onto the floor, on my shoulder, in my lap. Grrrrrr. I looked and realized that the yogurt foil was half-way open. How did that happen?! My co-worker suggested that perhaps I had bought it from the store like that. I figured someone had opened it and forgotten to tell me? Maybe another co-worked mistakenly thought it was theirs?!

This evening, I arrived home and HAD to ask Miguel about the mysterious open yogurt. Sure enough, the boy had opened the yogurt intending to eat it. When he realize it was not plain vanilla, but cherry vanilla, he kindly put the half opened container back into the fridge for my consumption. Lovely.

Some say I should give up my quest to eat yogurt every day until I die. However, I walked away with two simple lessons learned: One, never again will I open my yogurt and then forget that it is open. And two, I will never shake my yogurt BEFORE checking the foil wrapper.