Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dessert Mishaps

Years ago, I made a cherry pie. The only cherry pie I've ever made. I dumped it in the oven while attempting to take it out with one hand. I had to remake it because it was for a church event.

This weekend, I made my grandmother's famous "strawberry cream cheese pretzel" dessert. An Easter tradition for the Turek's. I dumped it on Erika's kitchen floor while attempting to put it into the fridge with one hand. Seriously, I should learn NOT to hold heavy desserts with one hand! I must say though, that it still got eaten, dog hair and all.

Friday, March 21, 2008

eggs and milk

Today, Miguel and I went grocery shopping and noticed that the price of just about everything has risen--eggs, cottage cheese, vegetables. We were discussing how expensive it is to feed a small family of two, and how nice it is to find a great deal...

Me: Saubel's is one of the few grocery stores that consistently has chicken on sale for $1.79/lb.
Miguel: Is that a good deal?
Me: It is a great deal. Know what we should do?? Raise chickens.
Miguel: We'd have meat and eggs.
Me: And milk, too (??!!)

Friday, March 14, 2008


Today, our class went to see "Horton Hears a Who." It was a funny, cute Dr. Seuss movie. I saw God's provision today in some very small, yet real ways. We had to move our movie location and time, due to poor show-times at our theater of choice. The bus company, normally very difficult to deal with, was accommodating and pleasant.

When we arrived at the theater, another school group approached me and asked if we were in need of tickets. The teacher GAVE me four tickets for free. We certainly didn't need the freebie, but God is so good! He blessed me (us) when I certainly wasn't looking for it.

The above quote, which Horton continually said throughout the movie, really struck me. Figuratively, no matter how "small" I may think others are, they are still people. Still deserve respect. Still deserve care and love. Am I looking to bless those "small" people in my life?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Wine Recommendations

Last weekend, we went to a wine expo. Each person received a wine glass and a clipboard with a HUGE list of the wines available for tasting and purchasing. After trying so many different wines, I have to admit that they all started to taste much the same. But, here are a few of the wines that we both enjoyed:

Cline Mourvedre "Ancient Vine" (Red, $16.99)
Spann Mojo (Red blend, $39.99)
Montecillo Crianza (Red, $10.49)
Penfolds Shiraz Mourvedre (Red Blend, $14.99)
Ca'Montini Aristicatico Pinot Grigio (White, $16.99)**
Spanish Quarter Cabernet/Tempranilla (Red Blend, $9.99)**
Shoofly Buzz Cut (White Blend, $12.99)
Parigna Sparkling Shiraz (Red, $10.99)


Today I:

1. Had bangs cut into my hair. Not the stark, straight across bangs, but the side sweeping ones. I think I like them.

2. Paid $3.79 per gallon for diesel fuel today =/

3. Bought cording at Jo-Ann's for my first ever sewing project. My kids at school have a sewing class, and the teacher invited me to sew along with them. Now, I am in love--with sewing, that is. I am going to start with private lessons after work.

4. Went to Price-Right, a ghetto grocery store that sells SUPER cheap produce. I was too cheap to buy the bags (yes, you have to pay 10 cents per bag), so I had to carry all of my produce to my car in those plastic bags that you pile your apples, onions, etc. in. I've got to buy the canvas bags!!