Thursday, March 23, 2006

Proud momma

Another picture. He needs some Libby lovin', for sure! So sad looking.

My biological kids are in big trouble...they'll be so sick of the camera--if this puppy is the measure of my fanatic picture taking. By the time my kids are old enough to say "Stop please, no more," I'll be sure to have murals plastered about and book shelves of albums filled!

I am my husband's wife

Good with her hands, yet dangerous on the job! For once, it is I who have the construction story! Miguel comes home almost daily with cuts, scrapes, bruises and the inevitable story of how he was UNSAFE and therefore received his wounds. I harp on him, but to no avail. As if to say, "I told you so," last night was my turn.

The Setting: My friend's old/new house. We were working in this old house to get it ready for her move in date--Sunday. We spent the evening putting together cabinets, shelves and hanging doors on the cabinets. The first door was a piece of cake. Second and third doors, no problem. The fourth door, man, should've known...stinkin' fourth door!

The Plot: Pain and suffering. Kadie climbed the step stool to screw in the top hinge of the door, while I stood below and gently lifted the door into place. As as I gave slight pressure, her hand slipped, the screw fell out and...

Climax: The door slipped from both of our hands and smacked me square in the face. Hard. It landed right on my forehead and cheek bone.

Falling action: All Kadie could say was, "Wow, you're going to have a black eye!" Thanks Kadie, Thanks!

Final Outcome: I have a very tender face and slight bruising that is manageable with make-up. But now I understand why God designed the human body with an ocular cavity. The eye sits recessed from the face to allow falling cabinet doors to miss our actual eyeball and only nail our cheek bones!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Puppy Pictures

Here is our buddy! Still no name, but isn't he cute?! He'll be coming home on Tuesday the 28th.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Morning and Evening

Encouragement from today's reading in Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening." I was freshly reminded of the vastness of Christ's love for me. The bold quote especially struck me. I was His ANCIENT CHOICE. Dear believer, YOU were His ancient choice! Let's rejoice in the knowledge and understanding of God's love for us today!

John 15:9 “As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you.”

As the Father loves the Son, in the same manner Jesus loves his people. What is that divine method? He loved him without beginning, and thus Jesus loves his members. “I have loved thee with an everlasting love.” You can trace the beginning of human affection; you can easily find the beginning of your love to Christ, but his love to us is a stream whose source is hidden in eternity. God the Father loves Jesus without any change... Yesterday you were on Tabor’s top, and you said, “He loves me:” to-day you are in the valley of humiliation, but he loves you still the same... When all His waves and billows go over you, His heart is faithful to His ancient choice...The Father loves the Son without any end, and thus does the Son love his people...Moreover, the Father loves the Son without any measure, and the same immeasurable love the Son bestows upon his chosen ones... Ah! we have indeed an immutable Saviour, a precious Saviour, one who loves without measure, without change, without beginning, and without end, even as the Father loves him! There is much food here for those who know how to digest it. May the Holy Ghost lead us into its marrow and fatness!

Poop Ball

Yes, that's right, I said "Poop Ball." Today was another first at my job. Let me explain! I have one student who is, as of yet, unpotty trained. She is in the 3rd grade and wears pull-ups every day to school. She is on a 45 minute bathrooming schedule, in an attempt to acclimate her to toileting. No real progress over two years. Discouraging, but at times entertaining. Take today, for instance. Lashay has taken to doing a "poop squat" as we like to call it. She will bend over slightly, tense her face, and we then know that the deed's been done. Today, I caught her mid squat and raced her to the bathroom. To my dismay, we were too late. She went into the stall and pulled down her pull-up. I went to get gloves. As I walked over to her, I saw a rather large, mushy ball of poop in her pull-up. The poop ball slowly began to roll. And rolled right off of her pull-up, onto the bathroom floor. "Crap," I thought, "What do I do?! Mushy poop ball on the floor." Without much more thought, I picked that sucker up and put it right in the pot. Gagging the entire time. After the gagging stopped, the nose watering began. And continued until we were out of the bathroom.

All that to say, poop balls are entertaining and provide amusement at the end of a LONG and hard week of work!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's a BOY!

No, Miguel and I aren't pregnant....BUT, we are expecting a puppy! Two weeks from today, we will get our 8 week old, male Golden Retriever. I can honestly say that I think about this little guy all day long. My thoughts drift from his personality, to the activities we'll do with him, and most often to a name for him.

Therein lies our predicament! We absolutely cannot decide on a name (or even come up with viable options!). HELP! If you have any great and unique dog names, please post them for us! So far, my favorite, and only name choice is Ciro, which in a Spanish dialect means "sun." Appropriate for his coloring. Feel free to post any names, no matter how random! And when we finally decide on a name, I'll be sure to post--along with a picture!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

P & P

Anyone who loves Jane Austen knows that P & P stands for "Pride and Prejudice."

Years ago, Jane Austen became a staple in my libraries--both book and movie. Despite all my Austen movie watching, P & P is by far my favorite. The new version of the movie proved, yet again to me, that Jane Austen truly transcends time and culture. I was weary of the movie--a new version prove to be even close to the A&E version?! Could it be? While the new version is much shorter in length, and I mean MUCH shorter, I did not feel cheated out of the plot. The directors and adapters remained true to the story line and masterfully brought us from beginning to end, without a sense of loss.

The scenery was more ethereal, almost cartoonish or make-believe at times. Note the scene where Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle are sitting under a LARGE tree as they are headed north to lake country. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of beautiful English countryside. Also of note, the score was not Austen quality. I am not musically inclined, yet felt the soundtrack to be lacking. It felt absent at most times, except during the dance scenes. Those scenes tended to take on a more Irish feel, interesting since the movie is not intended to be set in Ireland? Perhaps it's just my untrained ears!

The characters were not as well developed, due to time constraints. The interactions between Jane and Bingley were accurately portrayed and to my satisfaction. However, I felt that the building romance between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy was not as intense as in the A&E version. However, personally, this may be due to the actor's lack of physical appeal. Matthew Macfadyen, who played Mr. Darcy, reminded me of a British John Cusack. Don't get me wrong, I love John Cusack, in his place, not as a romantic hero.

However, by the end of the movie, Mr. Darcy had wooed me, along with Elizabeth Bennet, and I *sighed* the same *sigh* that the A&E version elicited. The minor defects were forgotten and the new Pride and Prejudice will most likely find its way into my movie collection.

Libby gives P & P: **** (4 stars). A delightful, lively, and relatively accurate depiction of a Jane Austen classic. Worth seeing, no matter how ardently you love the A&E version.

No ordinary girls' night

Growing up, I always respected and looked up to the "older girls" in the church--Heather, Emily, Brianna. When I got to spend time with them, it was always memorable and I felt special. Special because they took time out of their "older" lives to spend with me, a little kid. I still remember one snowy evening at Heather's--going to see Sense and Sensibility--before I knew who Jane Austen was (!!)--playing Huggermugger, drinking hot chocolate, then spending the night to watch Rear Window. That is a prized memory. God graciously prompted those girls to invest in my life at a very pivotal time.

I have sensed God's prompting on my life, in this very area, over the past few months. I have benefited to this day from the investments in my life, and desire to have the same impact on the "younger girls." Last night I had my first opportunity to invest in the life of a younger girl. I spent my Friday evening with McKenzie Templeton. I picked her up at her place, then drove home for an evening of chick flicks. We were able to engage in a some good "getting to know you" conversation and even a little encouragement. After trying to stay awake through two movies--the new Pride and Prejudice (see next post) and another that I can't recall--the efforts were at a loss. We trooped upstairs to bed. McKenzie timidly asked where she'd sleep. I suggested in my bed with me, since I truly can't sleep without Miguel being home!!! So a body in the bed would be welcome!! Actually, I wanted to make a memory, and talking as we fell asleep sounded like a good one. We quickly drifted off and then hit the snooze about five times this morning. We got up, made a great breakfast and had more time to talk. Our time together was nothing outlandish, nothing expensive, and nothing even exciting. Yet, it was fun and memorable.

While the impact on McKenzie may not be significant, I pray God used last night to bless her. I know the impact on my life will be great. I was the one who was blessed. I walked away feeling refreshed by her honesty and sincerity. I often forget what it's like to be young, and take life too seriously. God has graciously envisioned me to spend time with a younger generation--a calling I pray I am faithful to.

Who, from a slightly older generation (but younger than your parents!), impacted your life growing up?