Saturday, May 20, 2006


"I want a new vacuum!" "Stupid thing, won't even pick up a piece of paper!" "'s putting our more dirt than it's picking up!"

All of these cries (more like screams) have come from my mouth, particulary, over the past two weeks. Our vacuum, mysteriously, decided not to pick up lint, dirt, hair, or anything else for that matter. At Christmas time, I had sucked up a plastic icycle, yet could not manage to find it in the vacuum's hose. Not a problem, maybe it just disappeared?!! I completely forgot about the icycle. Then, two weeks ago, the vacuum stopped working. No matter how hard I pushed, pulled, and shoved, my floors just seemed to get dirtier with each swipe.

Today, I had to figure out the mystery. Why wouldn't my vacuum work?! Maybe it was God's way of saying it was time for me to buy that $499.99 Dyson that I've been eyeing up?!!! Or maybe it was just God's way of telling Miguel to take the vacuum apart piece by piece? Both are equally fun options.

As Miguel unscrewed each and every screw in the machine, he began pulling out clumps of lint and hair and dirt and dust and other pieces of mess. Then wouldn't you know it, out came the missing icycle! I guess it didn't simply disappear? But, I must say, the vacuum has never been cleaner and has never worked so well!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Update on Macy

I first want to thank those of you that read the post about Macy and then prayed for her and her family. Last night, her mother decided to donate Macy's organs and remove the life support system. The staff at my school now face the incredibly difficult task of explaining Macy's death in simple and understandable terms. Pray for strength as we all try to deal with and then help the children deal with the death of this little girl.

Macy's death has me thinking about some very intense and difficult theological issues. Where is the place, if you will, of accountability and responsibilty for sins? Did Macy's limited cognitive abilities guarantee her a position as a child of our Father? Or was she cognitively able to understand and place saving faith in Him? Where do my students stand? What is "too cognitively impaired" to be responsible? How do I as a special educator ensure that I am doing all I can to see my children again once I reach glory?

Any thoughts of your own on this issue? Any Bibilical references?

Thursday, May 18, 2006


This week has been a very difficult and emotional one. After hearing about the death of Tim, I arrived at work on Monday to learn that a student of ours was gravely injured over the weekend. Macy is a 14 year old 8th grader with the sweetest countenance and biggest smile. On Sunday, Macy was playing in her backyard with a rope. Her feet slipped from under her and she became twisted in the rope. By the time paramedics reached her, she had been without oxygen for several minutes. She is now at John Hopkins in the ICU under full life-support. We were told that Macy would not be able to return to school this year. Today, we found out that Macy will not make it through the weekend. Her foster mother faces the incredibly difficult decision of removing the life support and providing Macy's organs to needed transplant recipients.

Please pray for Macy's soul. I am not sure what her capability of understanding the Gospel was. Pray for her family, that God would give them grace and peace during this dark season. Pray for our principal, Dr. Canosa. She feels the weight of this loss and bears the burden like no other person at our school. And please pray for Macy's friends at the school. They all want to know why Macy is sick and when she is coming back. Despite their limited cognitive abilities, they will greatly miss their best friend.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Saturdays have always been a special day to me. As a kid it was because I got to stay in my PJs longer and watch cartoons. Now, I love Saturdays because I get to sleep in a little later than 5:30; I get to make oatmeal pancakes and eat them slowly with Miguel; I get to grocery shop and go to BJ's (seriously, I love doing both!); I get to spend time outdoors--today it was walking on the Jerusalem Mill Trail with the two loves of my life--Miguel and Cuzco.

What day do you love and why?

Friday, May 05, 2006

God is a God of detail

I wanted to share a praise. God has been showing Himself faithful in the details time and time again. Last Sunday, Miguel posted three "For Rent" signs around the neighborhood. He accidentally wrote our phone number so tiny that you would have to pull your car over and walk to the sign to read the number. I did not think this method of finding a renter would even come close to working.

Well, Sunday afternoon the calls began to come in and they haven't stopped yet. Wednesday, a man called and asked to stop by and see the house that evening. When the man and his wife arrived, I was relieved. They actually showed up! AND they were older and "Past our wild and crazy days!" as they stated. They seemed to like the house and promised to call in the next few days. As they left, Miguel and I both remarked that we'd really like for them to rent our house.

Less than an hour later, the man called back saying that they'd like to put in a one year lease!!!! In less than three days God provided a renter that met all of our stipulations and desires. We move out May 31, they move in June 1. God is truly showing Himself as intimately involved in our lives and this move.

So we proceed forward, trusting that He will continue to open doors and close doors as He sees fit!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The end

After three long years, I am excited to say that I am finished with college--forever! I had my final exam last night. I have a project due on Monday. I have graduation at the end of May (which I am not attending). I have a diploma to receive in a few weeks. I have a raise to look forward to, and I have a future without late nights in Columbia!!!!!!! I wonder what it will be like to work, come home, sleep, work, come home, and sleep?? Will I feel the loss of school and go back this summer like Sacha predicts? (A little secret--I am a nerd!) Anyway, for now, I am going to enjoy the freedom from school and relish my free evenings at home!

Any fun accomplishments in your life lately?


This past Sunday was the fifth Sunday, and therefore my Sunday to help in the 5 year olds class. What a riot. I wanted to share a brief encounter with Warren Englehart. I have no fear mentioning his name as I am not bound to privacy or anything else of the legal nature...right Pebbles?! =)

Me: Ok kids, we need to hand sanitize before snack. Hold out your hands.
Warren: What do you think is better, GermX or Purell?
Me: Purell smells better (I am so obviously not a mom!)
Warren: NO, I mean which kills germs better (So obviously a germ-aware kid!)
Me: Uh, Purell smells better.
Warren: Well, I still want to know which works better!

How cute. Yes, this encounter really did happen. So it got me thinking. Which IS better?? Purell or GermX?