Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Sunday, I shared with Emily that I would LOVE to be a personal organizer. Monday, I shared with Laura that I would really love to be a personal organizer.

Monday, I got home from work and received a random e-mail from Cathy stating this (I am not joking): "Libby, I was thinking about you. I think you should become a personal organizer. Just wanted you to know."

Random? Or God?!

Now, how to go about fulfilling my true calling of becoming a personal organizer...

Monday, January 14, 2008


A cute story I heard today:

A little boy is playing "Toss and Catch" by himself in a field. An older man is watching him. The little boy throws the ball into the air, swings his bat, and misses. He then proclaims, "I am the best baseball player EVER." The man watches, and chuckles. The boy throws the ball up again, swings, and again misses. He yells even louder, "I really AM the best baseball player!" The man thinks to himself, "this kid is crazy." Once again, the boy tosses the ball, swings and misses and cheers triumphantly. The man walks over to him and says, "I heard you say that you were the best player ever. How is that, since you've missed the ball three times?"

The boy replies, "I am the pitcher!"

Amazing what a change in perspective does??!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back to Book Love

It's been a few months since I have posted about books. Since I've been away from the topic, I have read a few books, though nothing great.

December's book club book was Tuesday's with Morrie, by Mitch Albom. It was my choice, mainly because several people had recommended it to me. It was moving and heart-wrenching. I sobbed through most of the book; it hit a tad too close to home. The premise of the book, in case you aren't familiar, is this: A college student strikes up a lasting relationship with one of his professors. The student, Mitch, learns that his professor, Morrie, is dying. Mitch then flies to visit Morrie on a weekly basis (on Tuesdays). Each week they discuss a new topic, ranging from love, to life, to money. One of the chapters especially struck me. Morrie asked Mitch what he would do with 24 hour if he knew it would be his last 24 hours. Morrie went on to explain that he would surround himself with all of the people he loved. He would enjoy their company like never before, and make sure that they had good memories of him as their last. Sadly, My first thought was that I would go to some exotic location, soak in the sun, and live it up.

How would you choose to spend your last 24 hours?

January's book club book was Bel Canto, by Ann Patchett. There is not a lot to say about this work of fiction, other than I would not recommend it. While it could have been a fascinating plot (a group of high-ranking officials being taken hostage in S. America), it turned out to be nothing more than a disappointing, juvenile work of modern fiction.

Other than my book club books, I have been ploughing through the Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling. I am currently on book six, The Half-Blood Prince. After finishing books 4 and 5 over Christmas break, I realized that I have officially joined the bandwagon. When people ask what I recommend in terms of a good read, I ALWAYS mention Harry. And he truly deserves more than just a mention. The books are entertaining, page-turners, and well written. Enough said. Go get the books.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

An episode of "Friends"?!

I recently returned from a short trip to St. Louis where I visited with my friend Andrea. While there, I had a lot of time to sleep, relax and read. All three are on the top of my "favorites" list.

One morning, I sat on her couch reading. We had the blinds and windows open, because it was a surprisingly beautiful day. As I was reading, I happened to look up from my book. A normal occurrence, right?! Well, it just so happens that directly across from her apartment is another apartment building. Her window looks directly into the window of the apartment across from hers. Not only that BUT the window in the adjacent apartment is knee to chin height. Still not so bad you might think. HOWEVER, it just so happens that the window is in the apartment's bathroom...in the shower for that matter.

And to my further dismay, there was a butt naked man in that very shower, thoroughly cleansing himself with a poof. My mouth immediately gaped; I quietly screamed for Andrea to "come and check this out!" In the mean time, naked neighbor had turned himself, so as to face our window. Enough said.

I had to ask myself if I was truly seeing this or was it really just my imagination. Andrea confirmed that "Ugly Naked Guy" had, on more than one occasion, been spied across the way. I may not remember another detail of my trip to St.L. But I will certainly remember my experience with her fat, old, and hairy neighbor!