Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Pics.

Miguel and me at my uncle's house. Miguel is actually (almost) smiling! And I look like I took this picture of us. However, my cousin was just sitting incredibly close and had the camera right in my face. Yay for a fat face picture!

Me, my cousin Maya, and my sister. Maya is deaf, which means I get to stumble mean...use my Sign Language once or twice a year. She just got engaged to a great guy. So hopefully, I'll get to travel to California in June for their wedding.

(I stole these pictures from Sacha's facebook page.)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas honesty

Christmas this year was incredibly low-key. We spent two days with family, and had a wonderful time enjoying one another. Despite the relaxed atmosphere, God faithfully used circumstances to reveal some long-standing, difficult issues in my life. How kind of Him to show me my heart, even during a season full of distractions.

Do you remember those Christmases as a child, where your best friend rode down the street on her new bike? And you sat inside looking at the pj's your grandmother made for you? I remember longing for what I did not have-jealous would be the appropriate term. During each phase of my life, I can times of intense jealousy and discontentment. During college, I was in 10 weddings (I wish I was joking); all I wanted was to be in my own. After graduating, I envied my friends who made more money than I did. All I wanted was to teach special education AND make bank.

Now that I am in the possible realm of child-bearing, I have found myself thinking, "The announcement she just made was one I really wished I could've made." This year at Christmas, my sister-in-law made THE announcement. You know, the one that makes your skin prickle from jealousy. The one that makes you cringe on the inside and fake-smile on the outside?? She is pregnant with her second baby. The moment she announced it, I immediately felt sorry for myself. Sorry for myself, not because we've had an intense struggle with infertility. Sorry for myself, not because we've even been trying to have a baby!!!! Sorry for myself because....well....plain and simple, I am discontent with my current situation and want what I do not have! And that right now is a baby. In the next season, it will probably be a bigger house, or a newer car, or nicer dishes (that is a vice of mine!!!).

After wrestling with a serious attitude, God gently reminded me that He has blessed me beyond measure during this season. I have a job that is five minutes away. I have a house that I love. I have a husband who works hard to ensure that we are never in need or want. I have the time and energy to invest in my girl friends. I have the freedom to schedule outings and not worry about getting a sitter. I have the luxury to read Harry Potter when I want for as long as I want. AND I have the pleasure of holding the kids, and then handing them back when they drive me nuts!!!! So I say, bring on "aunt-hood" as I wait for his perfect and sovereign timing.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snowy Day

As a kid, I loved the book, "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats. In it, a young boy wakes up to discover his world is covered in snow. I didn't wake up to a blanket of snow, however, our forecast for a dusting to 2" has slowly become 5"+ and still falling.

Here is my snowy day (we got off at 1:00):

"Special" Hot Chocolate Recipe
2 C. milk
3 T. baking cocoa
2 T. Splenda
2 squares dark chocolate
1 t. (or more) cinnamon
A good bit of Kahlua (I just poured it in until it tasted good!)

Using a whisk, combine all ingredients in a small sauce pan . Stir continually over medium-low heat until hot. Pour into two mugs. Serve with Cool Whip.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Winter, con't.

I felt like a school kid today. As we sat in the classroom, I glanced out the windows and saw snow flurries. "It's snowing?!!" shouted one student. "Do you think we'll get off two hours early?" I asked, then laughed at myself.

Hours later, this was the view off of my deck. Can you see the snow settling on the railing? I love this sight. Though it's not significant accumulation, it's enough to make me excited.

(sorry for the glare in this last picture. It was the only way I knew of to capture the snow falling.)

I think I'll go make some hot chocolate, and think about Miguel as he freezes his tooshie off at the Raven's game!